How to copy formatted text to and from Atom

Hi to all

I have a ‘little’ problem

I can’t find a way to copy formatted text from web pages or libreoffice to Atom file.

Ad example I open a web page, select part of the text (with bold, italics and links) and try to copu on a markdown file.
Atom only copy plain text
The same from libreoffice’s write page, or word and so on

There’s some way to paste formatted text with Atom?

It’s not so strange. vnotes (another outline editor) for example do it without problems.

Thanks to all

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I didn’t see your post earlier but asked pretty much the same question Atom paste with style in Markdown? , focusing on the “paste” action. I have not used VNote but Typora - another markdown editor - will do Rich Paste (and I’m trying to cut down use of different Apps to do what is mostly the same thing). Let me know if you discover a solution. Thanks.


This is a big concern for me.
I have many ‘data’ in rich text and it’s becaming a problem.

Typhora, Vnotes and same other markdown editor can do it with non problem.

keep in touch :slight_smile:

I found a workaround that works but’s all but optimal

I use two webpage for conversion

Free Markdown to HTML Converter
Paste to Markdown

One for md–>html
One for html–>md