How to connect Python with Atom?


I’ve recently started learning python and wanted to use Atom to play around with the code but when i attempt to use Atom Runner i get this error. And i also get this error from Autocomplete

I am using windows 8 and yeah i have Python installed.


Both of your errors are clear that Python is not in your path. If you bring up a command line and type python, what do you see? Atom sees the same thing the command line does.


Sorry i am very new to this, i dont understand most terminology, please just explain how i can get everything working and view my printed code with atom runner.


Did you try typing python in your command line? What did you see?


you mean like this?


The command line has nothing to do with Atom. The command window is part of your computer’s operating system. It is the black window that makes a terminal so you type in commands and it echoes back results. Typing python would be a command to tell python to run. If your OS says it can’t find any program by that name then you know Python isn’t installed.

If not installed, you will need to go to Python’s website to learn how to install Python on your OS. It would be safe to go ahead and install Python without checking the command line.


oh, you mean the CMD? i searched python and it said python is not recognized.

thats strange, since i clearly have python installed.


You need to get this working in CMD before you can expect it to work in Atom.

My only suggestion now is to try uninstalling python and reinstalling. If that doesn’t help you will need to ask about your problem on python discussion groups.

I should say I’m not an expert on windows. I used it for 20 years but I’ve managed to forget everything. Maybe someone else here can help.


so what do these errors mean? it thinks that python isnt installed on my computer?
i just re-installed python and it gives the same errors.


Does python work in your CMD window yet? If not your install is not working for some reason. If so you may have to get help on a python forum.


nah this is all i see


Until you get python working there is not much I can do to help. Maybe someone else here or on a python forum can help.


OK, i’ve gotten python to work in CMD. But for some reason i still get the same error in Atom.


Try this …

  1. Close all atom windows
  2. Rename or delete the .atom folder in your home directory
  3. Run Atom again.

If that doesn’t work try reinstalling Atom between steps 2 and 3. Be sure to download the installer from the home page.

If none of this works you should post a question in the Atom Runner repository.


where is the home directory?


I think \users\yourname.


Alright i did that, and the Auto Complete works fine but the Atom Runner is still not working. I guess it’s their problem.


If you post an issue put a link to it here in case anyone else needs help and finds this.


Hey, i just wondered if ever you had set $PATH variable so that your OS know where to find python interpreter :wink:


how do you set a “$PATH” variable