How to configure overlay with js/ts docs

When typing javascript or typescript code I face quite big overlay which covers quite big amount of window. Can you point me how I can configure it, so it will display only when hovering on function/type name a little bit longer or hover it with some key pressed.

What package are you using?

Here are my settings

What package are you using to display the docs, though?

Here I found only two packages for documentation

They will not be providing it; what is the output of apm list --installed?

├── atom-beautify@0.33.4
├── atom-easy-jsdoc@4.12.5
├── atom-ternjs@0.19.1
├── atom-typescript@13.2.1
├── autocomplete-paths@2.12.2
├── busy-signal@2.0.1
├── color-picker@2.3.0
├── docblockr@0.13.7
├── editorconfig@2.5.0
├── emmet@2.4.3
├── file-icons@2.1.33
├── git-blame@1.8.0
├── hyperclick@0.1.5
├── intentions@1.1.5
├── language-blade@0.43.1
├── language-csv@1.1.2
├── language-pug@0.0.22
├── language-vue@0.24.0
├── linter@2.3.0
├── linter-ui-default@1.7.1
├── markdown-preview-plus@3.9.0
├── minimap@4.29.9
├── multi-cursor@2.1.5
├── pigments@0.40.2
├── platformio-ide-terminal@2.9.1
├── pristine-ui@1.1.11
├── svg-preview@0.14.0
└── sync-settings@0.8.6