How to configure live server to launch IE


I am trying to get live server to launch IE instead of chrome. I need chrome as my default outside of atom.

The instructions say to add IE to the live server json but the exact format is not clear. I have tried different combos but chrome still comes up.

Doesn’t work, chrome still comes up:
“atom-workspace”: {
“ctrl-alt-3”: “atom-live-server:start-3000”,
“ctrl-alt-4”: “atom-live-server:start-4000”,
“ctrl-alt-5”: “atom-live-server:start-5000”,
“ctrl-alt-8”: “atom-live-server:start-8000”,
“ctrl-alt-9”: “atom-live-server:start-9000”,
“ctrl-alt-l”: “atom-live-server:startServer”,
“ctrl-alt-q”: “atom-live-server:stopServer”,
“browser”: “IE”