How to configure .gitconfig to use Atom's git-difftool


Could someone provide explicit instructions on how to configure .gitconfig and anything else you might have to do to use the Atom package git-difftool from inside git? I’m on a windows 10 platform

Here’s my .gitconfig file:

    email =
    name = Bob xyzabc
    ui = true
    browser = "chrome"

[browser "chrome"]
    path = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe"

    tool = atom
    guitool = atom
    guitool = atom

[difftool "atom"]	
    path = C:/Users/saltydog/AppData/Local/atom
    trustExitCode = false


I think you’re mistaken. According to git-difftool's documentation, it’s designed to open other programs from inside Atom. It does not enable Atom to be a difftool.


Thanks. Just missed that.