How to compile compass?


I uses Compass in my project.
When I build .scss file, there is an error.
Error: file to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3
How should I solve this problem?


Do you have an Atom package that helps execute this tool?


I used “sass-autocompile”.

BTW I can compile scss with compass in sublime text 3.
So I don’t what’s wrong


Have you opened an Issue with the owner of the package?


It should not be necessary to open an issue in this case.

The explanation for this is as follows:
Sass is originally written in Ruby and Compass in parts heavily depends on Ruby being present. The sass-autocompile package for Atom, however, uses node-sass for compilation which is based on libsass. And libsass, contrary to “native” Sass, is written in C.

So maybe the OP should look for a viable alternative like Bourbon.


As a package author, if people are having problems with my packages, I generally want to know. Or at least, I’d rather know even if they plan to pursue something else.


Thank you for your suggestion.
I created an issue in author’s Github.
Waiting for author’s answer.

Compass/CSS3 on Mac osX - Atom

Of course one would want to know when/if people are having issues. What I was trying to express, however, is that the mentioned issue here is less a problem with sass-autocompile, but rather a problem with libsass vs ruby-sass, the underlying compilers.

The author of sass-autocompile also pointed that out in the corresponding (and thus closed) GitHub issue.


i have same the problem.
did you get the answer from the author


The author’s reply

I can’t put the link.


I hope you don’t mind me editing your post to linkify it for you :grinning: