How to compare two php files

how to compare two files?

Right-click on the tab for one of them and select Split Right.

thank you it helps… There is any way to analyze code and underline in other color differences?


Provided that you have meld installed as an external tool there is atom-meld package … or you could just use meld directly.

I have found something like that

But I don’t know how to a install module:

apm install compare-files

Where I can find console to write that command?

I don’t know what Atom terminal you have installed. But you can use your OS shell terminal to run such commands outside Atom.

I just install atom from their official page for windows.

Do I need to install separetly a terminal?

The easiest way to install a new package is inside Atom, under Settings -> Install. If you want to use apm, just use your system command line (every OS has one, even if you’re on Windows, so cmd.exe; you can get there via Start -> Run and entering cmd).

No. One assumes that you can run commands in Windows. It is easier (I’m not on Windows) if I just post the first blog I found by searching.

This shell terminal comes with Windows as part of the OS package. It is better if you study how to use commands outside Atom before progressing further into Atom world.

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ahh so this was command for windows… Sorry I am not a programmer so my knowledge is still limited.

And … you can see an explanation of all the options by running the command …

apm --help

apm is short for Atom package manager.

For example if you run command apm list you will see all packages installed.