How to close Windows

Hi everyone,

I am new to atom and I am having trouble closing all these windows. Once I open a new project I don’t know how to get them to leave.

Any help is appreciated thanks!

Hi, Anisha. If you’re on Mac, you can close a window with the keyboard shortcut CMD + W (I think that’s CNTL + W on Windows/PC). But Atom seems a little buggy in general. Oftentimes when I first launch Atom it takes a VERY long time to complete the launch, and then won’t respond to any input. I force quit it (on Mac) and then relaunch. The second instance of a launch always seems to work faster than the first attempt.

Hi this is very easy to do. Click alt+ctrl+delete button and then go to task manager. There looks atom in running apps. Also, expand the task you want to close and then click on end task. Every window will be closed automatically.