How to close the find dialog?


Hey there,

first of all a big THANK U to the atom team. I really couldn’t image that there will be an editor to replace sublime so soon. I’m very impressed!

Maybe thats a dump question, but I really tried to figure out how to close the find dialog. After opening it with CMD+F or CMD+Shift+F, shouldn’t it be closed after entering the shortcut again?



How do you remove the Find in Project view?

Dialogs can be closed with Esc


Thanks, that makes sense!


I’m glad somebody asked this question, I thought I was going crazy.


There is an issue about this opened on the find and replace repo. It is apparently tripping up other people as well.

The Atom convention is that escape will close all tool-panels and popups, tree-view is the only exception.

How do i get rid of the search pane?