How to close all these tabs?



Does anyone knows how to close all these tabs? When I re-run my atom application, they are visible when I right-clicked on the atom icon. It will still appear after I open and close those files.


I believe they are just recently opened files; they aren’t actually open.

If this isn’t the case (and they do open each time you open Atom) that’s an issue. Also, are they your own files, or totally random?


Hi, yes, I opened in the morning today. They are not my files but the files from the script package.


So you did open them recently?


Yes, just today morning!


So there’s no problem?


There’s no problem opening the files, but I just want it to ‘fully’ close it so that it won’t appear when I right-clicked on the atom icon on my dock as shown in the picture above.


If those are the ten most recent files, which is what @Aerijo and I both read them as, then the list will change over time, but it will not go away without changing the code inside Atom that tells Mac how to populate the context menu for the dock icon.