How To Clean An Electron Repo and Build Again From Source


I downloaded Electron to Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS and built it successfully. Now I would like to change the source code, and do the equivalent of a “make clean” so I can build again from scratch. How do you clean in a Ninja build system? ninja clean?




To answer my own question: within the electron folder, execute:


With advice from another person, I’ve updated the document in my Actually there are two branches for the build instructions now: linux-build-instructions-issue-1809 and linux-build-instructions-vm. In both, the build instructions has a section on how to clean. I put in pull request #1886 but I want to defer to a reviewer who has been helping me. (I’m rather new, make that a baby, with open source projects so this one small update is real good training for me. My thanks to a certain reviewer.)