How to check what letter in front of cursor is


so I’ve been using this in my init script in order to efficiently tab through specific characters, like ‘)’ and ‘]’, which automatically pop up:
SymbolRegex = /\s*[\ \n(){}<>[\]/'"]/ atom.commands.add 'atom-text-editor', 'custom:jump-over-symbol': (event) -> editor = atom.workspace.getActiveTextEditor() cursorMoved = false for cursor in editor.getCursors() range = cursor.getCurrentWordBufferRange(wordRegex: SymbolRegex) unless range.isEmpty() cursor.setBufferPosition(range.end) cursorMoved = true event.abortKeyBinding() unless cursorMoved

This script uses getCurrentWordBufferRange, which, from what I’ve seen, keeps searching until it finds a word. Would it be possible to instead just check the character directly in front of the cursor and to check if it’s in the regexp? Thanks in advance!


You can use cursor.moveToBeginningOfNextWord(). It’ll skip over any non-word characters. Unless you want to skip to the next non-word character.


I’m trying to only check the character in front of the cursor, and jump over it if it’s in the regexp. Is there any way to only check that one character?


cursor.getBufferPosition(), then editor.getTextInBufferRange()