How to change tree-view folder color


I have ruby on rails project
I usually use c9 before then i try to move to atom

what I want to ask is
how to change/remove auto discolor in cvs ignore folder?
U can see the color difference in log folder, development.log and test.log I want to remove that
I want that folder is have same color as the other
thank you


In your styles.less, add the following

@import "ui-variables";

.tree-view .status-ignored {
  color: @text-color;


I have put that code in my style.less
but still no change


OK, that selector was not specific enough… Try this:

@import "ui-variables";

.list-group li:not(.list-nested-item).selected.status-ignored, .list-tree li:not(.list-nested-item).selected.status-ignored, .list-group li.list-nested-item.selected.status-ignored > .list-item, .list-tree li.list-nested-item.selected.status-ignored > .list-item {
  color: @text-color;