How to change the keybinding of "Replace all" in the search and replace function?



How would I change the keybinding of “Replace all” from Ctrl+Enter to Alt+R? Is there any documentation you can direct me to on how to edit keymap bindings? Including all the available commands for Atom, that one can include in the keymap.cson file.

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Hi mate, hope this can help you:


Thanks for the attempt to help, but it is not particularly helpful as it does not tell me the command for the “Replace all” action in the Find and Replace function. Gave me the commands for some actions, but not any related to the Find and Replace function, so thanks for that.


Sorry, I just found out here that Find and Replace is a separate package:

If you check here:

you can see that there is a ‘keympas’ directory where you find a .cson file:

there are all key-bindings, search by - ‘find-and-replace:confirm’ but in your system of course