How to change the font size of the treeview (folder)



how do I change the font-size of the treeview

I have tried this:

.tree-view {
  //background-color: whitesmoke;
  font-size: 20;

in the style.less but it does not seem to work.

thanks in advance

.tree-view {
  font-size: 133%;

works for me. (Note that “font-size: 20;” may be invalid. You usually have to specify px or em or % or one of the other measurement symbols.


of course… thanks!

but color does not seems to wotk
color: rgb(135, 161, 50);

What did I miss, this time ?


Changing the background color globally seems to work:

 .tree-view { background-color: rgb(...); }

As for changing the text color, I think you need to colorize specific classes. For instance, I colorize folders names with:

 .tree-view {
    .icon-file-directory { color: white; }


Thanks once again

where can I find some documentation of the available classes ?


If there is any, I haven’t found it. I use the inspector in the developer tools to look at things. You often need to experiment some even then, or you have to google things.


founf it

in the menu: Packages->Style Guide

.icon-file-text {color: white;}