How to change the colour for the menu, so that it's better readable?


Using Atom 1.23.3 on Windows.

The menu text (File/Edit/View/…) is displayed in light green, on a light grey background, which makes it hard to read (see screenshot). How are these colours defined? They can’t be from my default Windows settings, because other application don’t use this odd colour combination. Is it possible to either use a darker font or a darker background for the menu?


From the screenshot, it just looks like you have a wacky Windows theme. Are the pink-and-green title bar and the red-and-teal frame supposed to be like that?


This is what I thought first too. It’s just that I have found no other Windows application yet which displays like this. That’s why I thought that maybe Atom would style the menu in some way.

The frame is OK. This is how I defined it in my Windows configuration.


Ah, got it. You had the right idea: There is a setting in the Windows themes which is called “3D-Objects”, which in my case had that “thin” green. I ususally see this colour combination only for, i.e., confirmation buttons, and in that case, the font which is used to display the text, was always “strong” enough that I never found it difficult to read. It seems that Atom uses this setting for styling the menu. Changing the colour for the 3D-Object to a darker green solved the issue.


Good to know.