How to change Text Colors with Atom Material Theme applied



I’m currently trying to make Atom Material work with One Vibrancy, most of it was pretty easy. Just opening the Developer View, finding the respective classes and adding them to my stylesheet.
But it gets rather complicated when I try to change the Primary Color of the Material Theme to something light.
Atom Material automatically switches to a dark text color, when a lighter Primary Color is selected (otherwise it’d be hard to read the tabs for example). How can I change the Text Color for the tabs and Statusbar back to the lighter variation but still use a bright primary color? With One Vibrancy applied my tab panel and statusbar are semi transparent on a dark background so I’d prefer a lighter text color.
Also, how can I change the color of my Text Editor Cursor? It should be changed automatically by the Material Theme, but somehow it stays black, no matter what color I choose…

  • Julian Veerkamp