How to change root directory from desktop to other folder


I have installed the Atom editor . it’s showing desktop as a root directory . i am new to this editor . can anyone tell me how can i remove desktop from root directory


You can add and remove root folders within Atom via the right-click context menu:

You can also open Atom in any other folder from the command line by adding the directory path after the call (e.g. on Windows: atom C:\My\Awesome\Folder)

Thirdly, you can open a new Atom window with a new folder by selecting it from the File Menu:

Does that answer your question?


Any idea how to fix this? Trying to work on a java project for class and we were given an update to our acme-coder jar.

Thanks much!

EDIT: Disregard, I was choosing “Delete” option instead of “Remove Project Folder.” My apologies.