How to change Language-fortran package colors?

I’m using the language-fortran package 2.1.7. How could I change the color of syntax highlighting? There are colors that are a bit visually annoying. Thanks for your help.

There’s a crucial difference between the grammar (provided by language-fortran in this case) and the color theme. The former defines the syntax, e.g. which is a variable, keyword, function name. But it’s the theme that colors that, e.g. make all variables red, function names blue. That said, you need to find a different color theme.

Thanks idelberg for your response. I could not find any options to set the color theme in settings of language-fortran. Would you please tell me where I might set it?

The theme is for everything (well, there’s a UI and a Syntax theme), and can be changed in the Settings ➔ Theme tab.

Thanks! I found my favorite theme! It’s perfect.