How to change atom's package syntax?


I am trying to write a atom package, and in the manual it said

Note: By default, the package generator emits JavaScript. You can change this to CoffeeScript to follow along better with this tutorial. In the Settings View, go to the package-generator settings and change the “Package Syntax” setting to “CoffeeScript”.

but I didn’t find package-generator settings in the settings view,in the settings view there are

  • Core
  • Editor
  • Keybindings
  • Packages
  • Themes
  • Updates
  • Install

I can find nothing about package generator, how can I change the Package Syntax, does it writed in some setting file?

My atom version is 1.15.0 x64 for debian/ubuntu


Package generator itself is a package, so you can find its settings under Packages > package-generator.


Thanks very much, I got it.