How to change an existing package


I would like to start an incremental search feature.
I think the best place would be the existing find-and-replace package (because
some of the needed functions are already there).

I have created a basic new package based on

But what do I have to do to adapt an existing package.
I have checked out the source code from GitHub I can make changes, I can even open that directory in “Dev Mode” but “loading” the package (after simply adding a menu item) does not alter the menu.

Check out the apm link command. If I recall correctly, packages in your ~/.atom/dev/packages and ~/.atom/packages directories override the default packages.

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What I do is, I first clone the git project, then I uninstall the package, and go to my new git cloned package and run this command apm link --dev that creates a symbolic link into ~/.atom/dev/packages then I open Atom in dev mode from my package directory atom --dev then I can start making changes to the package and View -> Reload to see my changes.


thanks guys.
now I even found the documentation (again):

I followed the advice here (starting atom with atom --dev and such) and I was able to fix an issue in bracket-matcher that has annoyed me for quite some time. I am floored by how easy it was to get Atom to recognize my version of the package, build it, and easily reload to see how my code changes affected the behavior. I had the change submitted as a pull request less than two hours after I started. It speaks volumes about the quality of Atom as a piece of software. Very well done and thank you so much.

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