How to build on windows?


I’m trying to build a simple app on Windows 7.

I was following this build guide and it seems like i cannot install Visual Studio 2013 community edition on Windows 7 (only win8+ ).

So i followed all steps excluding installing VS 2013, when i do “py script\” i get:

ninja: fatal: chdir to 'out\R' - No such file or directory
ninja: Entering directory `out\R'

Is this because i’m missing VS 2013, or something else?
Is VS2013 really a must have in order to compile/build for windows?

Thank you in advance!


Hey, I’m new to electron and trying to do the same thing.

The exact same thing happens to me.

Any updates?



Hey any updates regarding this as I’m having the same problem


The same problem for me. Considering that this is supposed to be an easy way how to make cross-platform applications, it’s a shame that it cannot be even compiled on Windows.


One of the following worked for me (not sure which one):

  1. I have added Python directory to the Path, just for my user, not for the system in Environment variables, previously. So, now I moved it to the system Path.
  2. run python script\ before running python script\

Btw. it works with Windows Powershell, not sure if it works with Command Prompt, Git shell, Visual studio shell, etc. I tried all of those before making those two changes above, and nothing worked.


Windows 7 is two generations back. Electron applications can run on it just fine once compiled, but for software development, you can’t expect all build dependencies to continue being developed for legacy OSes (especially when you’re talking about Windows).


I am using Windows 10.


You said you had the same problem as the original poster, who was on Windows 7.


The same problem (exactly the same error message), a different Windows version.But it works now, as I have mentioned above.Hopefully, this helps other people.


The same error in a different environment might well be a different problem.