How to backup all your settings?



I recently did a reinstall of my OS and I had the entire ~/.atom folder backed up. I installed Atom, replaced the .atom folder, but I was getting a bunch of errors all the time.

What is the recommended way to backup all your settings? Including installed packages, settings for those packages, Atom Core and Editor Settings, etc?



You need only the .json, .cson, .coffee and .less files in the ~/.atom folder, and a list of packages you had installed:
run from command line on old install

apm list --installed --bare > packages.list

then you do from the command line on your new install

apm install `cat packages.list`

(notice the backticks in that last command, not regular quotes)

This should work on Linux/Mac OSX, don’t know about windows though


For the install, you can also just use:

apm install --packages-file packages.list

which should work on all supported Atom platforms.

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