How to avoid duplicated entries


I like ATOM a lot - but there is one problem which keeps on happening.

The yellow highlight sometimes appears more that once on the screen allowing entries such as key inputs or paste to be entered into both areas at the same time.

My problem is that I would like to turn off this feature as often I end up with duplicated entries that I am unaware off.

I look looked at the documents but I think because I do not know the name for this procedure I can not find any information on it.


I’m not sure what you mean by “the yellow highlight”. Can you include a screenshot or something that could show better what you’re running into?


Is that multiple cursor ?


Yes jeancroy I think you are right it is multiple cursor.

Sorry leedohm it is difficult to include a screenshot - as I only find out about when my code does not compile and I find a load of unrelated code in the middle of some existing code.

Just wish there was some way to turn off Ctrl + click.


@johna, you can use @-mentions to refer to people by username here on Discuss. It will also notify them (according to their notification settings) that you mentioned them. (A feature I find really helpful :grinning: )


@johna - I think there are a few other people in the same boat as you, see this issue.


@GigabyteGiant I like the comment - “Why do you want to disable it?”

I wonder how many users have to be in the same boat before a change is made?


I think it is a perfectly valid desire to understand the motivation behind selecting a different option. The more the members of the Atom community can understand how people use the editor, the better all workflows can be supported.


@johna - Sorry, I couldn’t tell you. You could always take a crack at making the change yourself, though!