How to automatically start new line at 80 character guideline?

I’m new to Atom so I imagine there is a simple answer to this but I have yet been unable to find it. I would like to have the editor automatically start a new line at the 80 character mark, so when I’m typing or when I paste a block of text I don’t need to manually break up the long, horizontal line of text. Is there a way to do this? Toggle Soft Wrap doesn’t seem to be doing the job.

Thank you!

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No, there currently isn’t anything for this built-in to Atom. You may want to check the package listing to see if there is anything there.

Thanks @leedohm! I checked out the packages and just searched up new line. Is this what you are looking for @jameschull? I hope you found a solution!

I was trying to find a way for Atom to automatically create a new line when it hits that background line in the editor but I guess I just have to press enter every time.