How to autocomplete '()' when writing the name of a function


I was looking in the settings for some option to enable the auto complete for the () when I’m calling a function. I find it a bit annoying to start writing the name, select it from the suggested list (and see that it says it is a function) and write the ()


What language is this in? It is probably a feature that you’ll have to suggest to be added to the autocomplete provider for that language, framework or technology.


Ups! It’s using Javascript


Since there’s no built-in autocomplete provider for JavaScript, which one are you using?


I’m not using any provider. But I’ll check if there’s any and try it


There has to be a package that’s providing Atom with that list (a substantial portion of Atom’s features live in packages, even the features that come with Atom, so that picky users can disable or replace things). The autocomplete functionality, for example, lives in autocomplete-plus. It has a few ideas about what to suggest, but it doesn’t do anything language-specific on its own.

It might help us if you posted a list of the packages you have installed. You can get that most easily by opening the command line for your operating system and typing apm ls, then copying the output and pasting it here.


These are the packages from the community that I have installed

├── atom-beautify@0.29.17
├── atom-ternjs@0.17.2
├── emmet@2.4.3
├── file-icons@2.0.16
├── hyperclick@0.0.40
├── js-hyperclick@1.10.1
├── language-apache@1.7.0
├── language-docker@1.1.7
├── language-pug@0.0.21
├── minimap@4.26.8
├── react@0.16.2
└── sync-settings@0.8.1

I recently installed atom ternjs and for now it puts the () after selecting a function from the suggested list