How to always open files in new Window



I already tried to find this but without success.
I want to open different files in separated windows. Currently, when I open the 2nd file, one more TAB is created in the same Atom window.

Is there a way to change this? How?

Thank you!


I don’t know whether or not there is a way to open a new window automatically. However, you can right-click on a file tab and select Open in New Window.


@Bruni: When you normally open a file, how do you open it? From where (menu / tree) do you open the file? Do you want a new window or a new (adjacent) pane inside the same window?

@DamnedScholar: Is the an API command available to open a file in a new window?


Given @Bruni’s description of the problem, it would have to be a command line switch, such as atom --new-window that could be turned into a context menu item for the file manager.


When I try to open a .txt file for example (using atom as the default .txt editor).
If I have 2 .txt files and I want to open both - I open the fist and when I open the second, it opens in the same Atom window… I just want to open the second file in a separated atom window.


How can I use this “atom --new-window” ?


You can’t, because it doesn’t exist, like I said.