How to affix developer tools to window?


How can i affix developer tools to Atom? I want do it in such way, that dev tools would be in atom window. I just really like ‘HTML preview’ package, and in-window dev tools is all i need to stop using alt-tab at all.


Atom has the Chrome dev tools built in (View -> Developer -> Toggle Dev Tools), but they’re for debugging Atom itself. You could observe and tweak some stuff in the preview pane using them, but they’re not intended for that purpose.


Yes, i see that is normal Dev Tools just for Atom itself. And question still open, i don’t even know where do i look to tweak this, i’m just another beginner =)


You can’t change how Atom’s dev tools are set up. That would be too complex a task for a change that only serves to reduce window switching. It would be possible for a package to open a browser preview in a new window and then open the dev tools for that window, but that would be the same as (but worse than) viewing it in your browser.

Your only options are to use your browser, or to use Atom’s dev tools and find where the browser preview pane starts in the code. You might be able to test some limited changes there, but a live preview pane will quickly erase your alterations as soon as you change the contents of the buffer. If the package refreshes the preview on save, then you have more flexibility.