How to add snippet to language-todo package?


I want to add “CHANGED” snippet to this package, so that If I write

in a .rb file changed I will get


in a .html.erb file, “changed” I will get

<!-- CHANGED: -->

and so on with .js files…etc

But I cannot find how to do that, unless adding for each language a snippet, like:

'.text.html', 'text.html.erb':
    'prefix': 'changed'
    'body': '<!-- CHANGED $1 -->'

'.source.ruby','. source.ruby.rails'
   'prefix' ....

Doesn’t really exist an easiest way to do that? For example: changing the XXX core snippet for CHANGED

I have tried language-extra-todo-words, but doesn’t work for me (Atom on windows)



Snippets aren’t designed to be used cross-language like you’re mentioning. You might want to investigate autocomplete providers though. They’re a little more flexible in what they can do than snippets at the cost of more effort.