How to add predictive text for variable tags


Hello friends! I downloaded Atom yesterday; I am really enjoying it so far. Sorry in advance, I don’t know if I’ll use the right word to explain something.

Is there a package that will predict lines of code you are using while editing? Essentially, if I am targeting var(–color-main), (–color-title) etc, included at the top of my code, the predictive text will give me the – > --color > --color-main or --color-title options.

I use the same variant “template” for my projects, so if I save a file with the variant selections, would a package be able to target the save file to do the predictive text thing?

Hopefully I explained that well enough.

Thank you!


It’s awfully hard to provide advice about what tools to use if you don’t share the language you want to work with.


Good call, thank you. It would be CSS


I’m having the weirdest difficulty right now with finding which of the 123 community packages I have installed does this.

It doesn’t work in safe mode and it does work when autocomplete-css is disabled, so it’s definitely a community package. And I can’t inspect the overlay, because it disappears as soon as you click in the dev tools.