How to add multiple prefixes for same body in a snippet


Is it possible to have a snippet that whenever I type prefix1 or prefix2 I get the body of the snippet?, what I tried was:

'prefix': 'prefix1, prefix2'
'body': 'hello multiple prefixes'

But this body only triggers when I type prefix1, prefix2 + tab, How do I trigger the body with prefix1 or prefix2?


I’ma throw a wild guess out there and say that you could probably just declare two snippets with the same body, i.e. a prefix1 snippet and a prefix2 snippet, both having the same body. No?


thanks, I think I should be able to do that. But I didn’t liked that solution as it means I’d have to update several bodies instead of a single one.


That’s a good point.
Maybe it’s possible to do that in one go, I’m not sure. I certainly agree that it would be nicer to be able to do several in one, sort of CSS-like.