How to add menu items to command palette?


Is there an easy way to add menu items to the command palette? I’m especially keen to have the ability to show/hide the console (View:Developer:Toggle Developer Tools), and I don’t want to try to remember an obscure key combo for it since I don’t toggle it often.

That said, I wish all menu items were in the palette. Then I’d rarely use the menus. But it’s nearly as good if I can easily add the ones I want.


The command for what you’re asking for is Window: Toggle Developer Tools and it is in the command palette. You can find the commands for built-in menus in the menus section of the code. Just find the file for your particular platform:

As far as I know, menus only call commands that are in the command palette. So they should all be there, even if the names of them aren’t clear at first glance.


Thank you. That is very helpful. I’m glad all menu items are in the commands somewhere. As you say, the mapping is not always evident (though in this case it’s pretty clear; I don’t know how I missed it). At least now I know how to look up the mapping.