How to add image file to the project?


what is the best practice of adding picture files to the project from explorer?


You’ll have to provide more detail about what you’re wanting to do.


i want to drag a img file from explorer to the sidebar of atom
but it failed


The tree view represents what’s in the folder you’re working with. If you have an image file in that directory, it will show up in the tree view. You cannot drag and drop files to or from the tree view like you would with a file window.


so what should i do


I don’t know what you want to do with the image so I can’t tell you.


look at this you will know what i said


No, that doesn’t tell me anything. You have not said anything in this thread about FTP or IIS.


or this one


That post also has nothing to do with images. I still don’t know what you’re talking about. Please use your own words.


I don’t know what my post has to do with your question, but if you just want to put an image file into your project’s directory, just use your OS’s file manager (or a terminal)? If you don’t know how to do that, please seek advice on a forum dedicated to those programs.

I too have mistakenly tried to use the tree view as a drop target before, so I can understand your confusion.


yes you’ve got what i mean
i think it’s not convenient to achieve this operation in “OS’s file manager” when coding


You can always use one of the terminal packages for Atom. That would let you copy images between folders without ever leaving the editor window.


And without using your mouse! If you’re into that sort of thing :wink:

The one I sometimes use is called terminal-plus, but I usually just alt-tab over to a dedicated terminal open in another screen.


Atom doesn’t support dragging anything into the Tree View at this point. There is an open Issue around this here: