How to active/deactive a specific package


hi guys,

Is that possible to customize a specific package activate or deactivate in Atom? I have one favourite package which needs to be active manually every startup, it really a boring, I prefer to let it active automatically.

Thanks for your attention!


What package is it and how do you have to manually activate it?


I want to enable “activate-power-mode” automatically.


From this text in the README, doing what you want isn’t going to be easy:

Activate with ctrl-alt-o or through the command panel with Activate Power Mode: Toggle. In this early version it only affects the current tab, to run it in a new tab you need to run Window: Reload first.

You should probably just file an Issue with the owner of the package.


in fact, I already know this information.
I like this plugin very much, and made some changes as well. I want to apply this plugin in my local dev environment, privately. So I want it enable it automatically since Atom startup, instead of active it manually.



Anyway, thank you very much! :smile:


Yes, I understand what you want. And you can use the atom.commands.dispatch() function in your to do what you want. But because it only works in the active tab until you do a “Window: Reload”, I think fixing the “active tab” limitation first is probably best.