How to activate atom-beautify for PHP /mac?


I have read the article by GitHub ( to activate atom-beautify, but I couldn’t understand it because I’m a beginner of tech field. I installed composer.phar and php-cs-fixer, as the article says, but the error shows up and they don’t work (Error: There is no application set to open the decument). How can I activate atom-beautify for PHP/mac?


Can you post a screenshot of the error?


Thank you for your help. Here’s a screenshot .


Okay. You’re trying to open an unrecognized file type. I’ve looked at the php-cs-fixer documentation and I don’t see an entry that says to open php-cs-fixer-v2. The Composer install process says to issue a Terminal command. Have you done that?

Honestly, Homebrew would be the easiest way. It’s one step and done. I feel like you should do that.


Sorry for a late reply.
As you had recommended me, I installed Homebrew.
Then I typed “$ brew doctor” on terminal to make sure that the installation was successful. But terminal says “command not found”. In this case, is Homebrew working correctly?


Try closing Terminal and then reopening it. Terminal windows pick up your current environment variables when they’re opened, and some install processes might not make the command immediately available until you reopen the window.

I haven’t used MacOS in years and my knowledge about it is mostly based on my general Unix knowledge, so I can’t answer Homebrew-specific questions.


Thank you so much for all of your help.
I’ll try to solve this problem by googling again.
Even though you are not a Mac user, your advice really helped me.