How protect ASAR file from unpackaging


Hi everyone,
Is any way to protect ASAR file from unpackaging(generated by electron atom) so other can not able to modify my code.
If any one has any idea or other option to protect my code please suggest
Thanx in advance

How protect electron asar from unpacking

Did you search on Google?


There is also a FAQ covering this:


I have the same question, and I haven’t find if someone has fix this,If you know,could you please give us a help. Thanks!


If the user can’t open the file and see the code, how would Atom be able to open the file and run the code? Remember we’re mostly talking JavaScript here, not a compiled language. I don’t see how this could work.


May be, we can change Electron’s builtin ASAR behavior, and rebuild it. Is that possible?


It might be possible to get Electron to rely on an external binary for its logic, but that seems excessive and worse for performance than Electron generally is.