How is this doable → Typing on Multiple Line in one Go


how is this doable → Typing on Multiple Line in one go.

Please watch this Video to understand what I am asking. I am unable to do this in my atom.


It is achieved by having multiple cursors. You can create multiple cursors in a few different ways:

  1. Using Cmd+Click on macOS or Ctrl+Click on other platforms to create additional cursors
  2. Using Cmd+D on macOS or Ctrl+D on other platforms to select multiple copies of the same text (which creates multiple selections, but a cursor is a zero-width selection, so it’s the same thing)
  3. Use the editor:add-selection-above, editor:add-selection-below or editor:split-selections-into-lines commands (see Settings View for key bindings to these commands)

Once you have multiple cursors (or selections, same thing), any keyboard interactions are performed at all of the locations at the same time.


Ctrl+Click worked on windows. Thanks!