How i can change the location of .atom floder?


how i can change the location of .atom floder?


You would have to change it in the source code for Atom and then build your own. It is not recommended.


I believe you can actually set the ATOM_HOME environment variable.


I tried and I couldn’t get it to work (with ATOM_HOME = %USERPROFILE%\.atom-dummy).


THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP,are you chinese?


I think you need to have a set in front of that, so set ATOM_HOME = %USERPROFILE%\.atom-dummy, or setx to make the change permanent.

@yangkeou I can speak Mandarin, yes, but I’d prefer that we try to keep the conversation in English because that’s what most people are most comfortable with (though I think it’d be fine if you wanted to include the Chinese text alongside the English version).


I edited my environment variables via the GUI system settings, since I know the way to navigate there almost as fast as to the command line and I don’t have to remember commands I never use. I then closed out of Atom completely and started it fresh and there was no change.