How exactly do I get this frameless window working?


I found the following the posts on the forum, thank god. I hated the look of the chrome around Atom. Wanted to get rid of it for a while. But, how am I supposed to make it happen exactly? In order to have the frameless window I have to have BrowserWindow first, am I right?

I tried to both options in init scripts of Atom, did not work. What’s the exactly steps of doing this?

BrowserWindow Frameless Window


If you’re talking about making the Atom window frameless, you may want to look at the conversation here:


I think now I know why I have such a hard time to customize Atom now. I installed it by zip, seems the content comes with zip isn’t enough. The first img is my screenshot of the contents. The second img is the Atom I directly cloned from github.
First image:

Second image:

any idea why?