How dose one move folders up and down?

I’m fallowing a udemy tutorial and I got everything in the right place but, my code is still not outputting to my local django server i’m getting “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 5 on CMD. I think my folder templates needs to be under the main project folder for it to work yet its not. so, how can I move it up one space on tree view?

I see no feature in tree-view menu to move projects up or down.
You might find the required flexibility by installing project-viewer package which allows projects to be reordered. In effect project-viewer items can be clicked to post to tree-view pane. You can clear (remove not delete) the existing tree-view project entries then set your own tree-view order from project-viewer, Do not use project-manager package together with project-viewer since there appears to be a conflict. I have disabled project-manager.

[Later edit] Actually I did not read through your post correctly. You want to move files within a project structure. You need to do this in the real project folder (in your filesystem) which is then reflected in Atom tree-view. In developing and testing localhost sites I use php-server package which shows errors in relative filepaths. But I still use project-viewer and php-server for preview (even if you do not use PHP code).