How does the bracket matcher work?


I asked this last week, and I’ve been trying to uncover things on my own but am getting nowhere.

I took the LESS for the bracket matcher from the One Light theme to include in my theme. I noticed, though, some oddities.

With Atom in the foreground (i.e. while editing) placing the cursor in one tag of a multi-line tag looks like this:

The opposing tag takes on the specs defined in the CSS, which includes a bg color. The cursor position tag does not.

With the app in the background, both tags are highlighted as per the CSS:

And, lastly, if the tags are in the same line, nothing is highlighted as per the CSS:

I am using .bracket-matcher .region as in the bundled theme. Are there other things I should be using.


If this is just a continuation of the topic you already opened last week, then it should be posted there … not in a new topic.

Closing this as duplicate.

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