How does one persist data in electron


In my electron app I want to persist some data locally e.g. user data, list of file paths, configuration data.
How can I do that, any minimalist approach for the same. I would prefer to save data in a nosql kind of database.


LocalStorage/IndexedDB is always a quick and easy way of storing smaller amounts of info. You could always just write a quick JSON file using fs too. It depends how much information you’re storing though, and whether it’s worth the overhead of a whole database system for just a few bits of configuration.


You can use Browser APIs such as HTML5 local storage and IndexedDB but also the Node.js supported mechanisms for data persistence such as NeDB, RxDB , PouchDB. For advanced data requirements you can use large scale database systems such as MySQL, MongoDB etc. Check a complete list of available methods to persist data in Electron apps


Thanks @caffiend @techiediaries for the response.
I was storing a lot of data, used nedb :
It works very well, only thing that is missing is encryption. Thinking of handling it myself, is there anything that can save me time of building and maintaining it?


Check out electron-store. We’re about to add encryption support.