How do you select content from the the live preview so that it selects that area in the code view


I am looking for a way to show a live (or visual) preview in one of the tabs, similar to what Dreamweaver and Chrome > Inspect does and in another tab it shows the code view. When I select text or an area in the live visual view tab, I would like it to also select the section of that code in the code view tab. Is there something like this available or possible to do within ATOM?


This is a duplicate of many previous topics. There are a number of requests for this kind of feature, mostly in relation to Brackets. Please see the FAQ for the link to the topic discussing it:

We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story. Please continue the discussion there. I’ll be closing this topic as duplicate.

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