How do you resize a panel created by atom.workspace.addLeftPanel?


What is the best way to resize a panel created like this.

this.panel = atom.workspace.addLeftPanel({
            item: element,
            visible: false,
//resizable:true // would be nice :)

Do I have to roll my own method to do it ?

Thank you,


You may want to look at how the tree-view package does it. To my understanding, it is implemented as a panel.


Yeh sure I am copying it already but they did roll their own resize as well it seems.

Should this not be an option really and part of every panel by default ? What do you think worth suggesting ? … you will end up everybody creating their own way of resizing the panel which is : ( IMO.

Anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Actually, not really. I think panels should be of a fixed and small size. If you need something resizable, use a pane like the markdown-preview package.


Ah… OK thank you for that link i try that.