How do you install apm


How do you install apm on a windows computer?


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apmis installed with Atom if you install it. Do you have Atom installed?

If Atom is installed so that it is available through your OS’s Path environment variable, the apm command can be called from the terminal (Powershell shown below, but Command Prompt will work too)

When the Path environment variable does not point to the path of Atom and friends, the absolute path will need to be called. In the case of my portable install it is found in:

On my fixed install the path is:

Does this help or do you have something else in mind?

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@danPadric I have atom installed. Here is a screen shot

Any thoughts?


Try the following commands in Command Prompt:

cd %localappdata%\atom\bin
apm --help


Okay, I have it in that folder, but when I tried it in a different
folder it would not run.


Steven, you can look up how to set up that path to the OS Path variable. Please web search it.


  1. Re-install Atom and this time have it write the required path settings into Path.

  2. Write a bat (batch) file that calls the command more simply. Save the bat file somewhere, where you can reach it easily.

  3. Execute the command as the full path: %localappdata%\atom\bin\apm.

Good luck.


@danPadric Thanks!