How do you indent text? Tab just indents the whole line


I’ve been using atom for a few months now and one thing is really annoying, if I want to indent some text in a file pressing tab indents the whole line.

If I have some CSS like this:

@grey: #aaa;
@blue-dark:    #5555cc;

and want it to look like this:

@grey:         #aaa;
@blue-dark:    #5555cc;

In any other editor that I have used I would just put the cursor infront of the hash and press tab.
In atom, if I do this the whole line is indented. I find that i have to delete the space inbetween the : and the # and then press tab.

Is there anyway to turn this behaviour off? It’s bloody annoying. BTW, this happens in any file type, not just for CSS.



Also, how do you edit posts here? I only seem to be able to edit the title.


Do you mean it adds the indentation in the start of the line? This does not sound like the intended behavior, I just checked and pressing tab with the cursor in front of the hash on the first line of your example only indents that part of the line. Do you also see this if you start Atom in safe mode atom --safe? What do you see in the keybinding-resolver when you press the tab key?


There should be a button in the lower right corner of your post: