How do you have a Git repository in a subdirectory of a project?


I know it says

In order to use version control in Atom, the project root needs to contain the Git repository.

But I don’t like that because I always have my Git repository in ProjectName/src so that I can keep files out of the repository like keys, temporary files, XLS files, XML files, project specifications, invoices, etc. If I add ProjectName folder, then it doesn’t recognize the Git repository in src/. If I add ProjectName/src folder as a project, then all of my projects are listed as src/ in the Project pane and I can’t tell them apart. Is there a way to label or rename a project in the Project pane so I can add multiple project src/ folders? Is there a way to point a Git repository for a project into a subfolder like src/?


It sounds to me like what you really want is a .gitignore file to prevent the “fluff” files from being version controlled. I’ve never heard of a project that has the root of the version control in the src folder.