How do you handle licensing?


How does everybody here handle software licensing for your app? As in, do you use a simple backend to manage users/licenses or is there a SaaS somewhere that handles small app licensing? (I could only find licensing services for large enterprise apps.) As it is currently, I’m spinning up a simple Rails REST API, but would love to not have to handle that aspect of the system. I was curious on what everybody else has been doing.

Selling an Electron app?

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Hey, I asked this on the above discussion link. a few people are using different 3rd partys or custom ways.
We’re now using gumroad for our app.


Isn’t that kind of limiting? Are you able to gather usage statistics or anything? I assume Gumroad just gives a download link after purchase and not an actual license key/user account that can be used in-app. How do you deal with updates and refunds? (As in, refunds where the user can no longer use their license key.)

Edit: I just saw that they do allow license keys to be used via a developer account. I might have to check that out. Their API looks pretty close to what I am doing with Rails.


You can set Gumroad to give a licence to all users that buy it, then you can verify the licence from inside the app or via an external server you could create.
They offer analytics for the orders ad and there’s a way to refund orders too.
For other app usage data we use google analytics inside the apps, using event tracking for most things.


Hey everyone, just an update: I saw a problem that was worth creating a general solution for, so I’ve been working on Keygen over the past ~year since creating this post. It’s a simple software licensing JSON API for small- to medium-sized apps that’s easy to integrate with whatever payment provider you use.

Check it out if you have time. It’s currently in beta, but planning to launch within the next few weeks. I also have plans to launch a sub-product that provides Electron app distribution and auto-updates (with license validation).

If you have an open source project or are interested in a coupon code for a discounted monthly subscription price, shoot me a chat request and I can hook you up. :slight_smile: