How do you function completion?


So, in PHP, if I type array and then follow with a tab, I would think that I should be able to get the array built. What is the trigger the launch completion of snippets?

Image here, since I can’t upload


You should be able to hit C-[space] to get the code completion widget open. Does that work for you?


That doesn’t work for me…


Also, there are two listed auto completions listed for many PHP commands, as you would expect for either in an HTML file, or a PHP file

foreach (...) {}
<?php foreach(...): ?>

But the latter gets used when in a PHP file, which is incorrect.
So although the tab auto completion is working for me on that command (a lot of them don’t as mentioned above), the wrong scope is being selected it appears.


This seems to be related to the fact PHP files are being referenced as text.html.php see this bug

If you change the “php.cson” file at the bottom from

'scopeName': 'text.html.php'


'scopeName': 'source.php'

All the snippets work, but then you lose all the syntax highlighting. That’s as much as I’ve figured out so far.