How do you download a specific version of a package?


I was having problems with some package updates I downloaded yesterday and wanted to go back to previous version of my package.

Is it possible to do this in atom?


I don’t think so, not directly at least.
Updating a package overwrites your installed package files.

Indirectly, you could download a previous version of the repository of the package and try and build and install that, but… it’s much better to simply report the issue you find with the package author (on the package repo) so that they can fix it and push out a new update.

Most of them are very responsive and push a new update within a day or so if possible.


There is no apm call for this? I am kind of new with note/js and stuff so I would have guessed it was possible in the terminal.


From apm install --help:

Usage: apm install [<package_name>...]
       apm install <package_name>@<package_version>


Well, looks like I was wrong. Thanks, @thomasjo.